Theater in Parallel

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(Teatro en Paralelo) Is a theater company directed by Nicolás Russi and created in Santiago de Chile, 2011; together with Javiera Cifuentes, Sebastián Grau, Carlos Ocayo, and María José Salinas. “Theater in Parallel” underwent many years of theoretical/practical investigation, with various exercises and methodologies; in order to develop the theories and concepts behind the research paper, currently being written: “Theater as a sensitive experience: Light, Music, Body”. Theater in Parallel is currently separated and not working on any new projects, until further notice.

INTEGRAL narrativ between the Agents 

Exercise #1: Parallel Agents
Exercise #2: Parallel Agents

LIGHT movement in relation to a geometrical body

Exercise #1: Circular Movement
Exercise #2: Frontal Movement
Exercise #3: Free Movement

BODY movement (Alive and plastic), variations in velocity

Exercise #1: Movement (live-plastic)
Exercise #2: Movement (alive-alive)

SOUND in relation to emotion and velocity

Exercise #1: Alba Emoting




Exercise #2: Velocity

Time Compositions