Scenic Installation: “Nostalgia”

This scenic installation is based on the feeling of Nostalgia; In order to develop a narrative based on this emotional occurrence we researched the different states that one goes through when feeling nostalgia, which then became the basic structure that guided the actions of the work.The actions how ever are not based primarily on the actress ́s movements but instead on the light (color) and music that act upon the space. There fore, the internal emotions of the “character” are reflected through actions of the scenic agents. Letting the audience be free to interpret the experience however they want.

Musical dramaturgy: using the different states of nostalgia, we first created the musical piece, and then used that music as the dramaturgy for the other actions. In order to achieve a narrative “dialogue” between the agents, we focused on our own sensitive experience with the musical piece, and from there on, created the movement of light (color) and body. Although the body is not the mane “actor”, its actions help connect and strengthen the actions of the other agents.