Scenic Installation: “Eternity”

This scenic installation is based on the concept of eternity, and it refers to the physical notions of space and time in the universe. We use the following premise as a base for our creation: “the eternal is the incapability of conceiving a limit, whether it is real or imaginary”. Starting from this premise, the following questions regarding the universe arise: ¿Where does space end? ¿When does time end? How can we present the notion of eternity (limitless space/time) in a limited space? In order to develop this conundrum from a scenic perspective (where any space we decide to use will have its limits clearly defined), we choose to present the spectator with the idea (imagination) of limitless space/time through a series of visual and sonar stimulus.

Space: is defined by its vertexes; so in order to alter the perception of its limits, we only illuminated the vertexes of the space, and later gradually eliminated them. Combined wit a body in space, and a simple action (walking towards endlessness), helps us strengthen the idea of eternal space.                                                                               Time: can be considered limitless if you conceive it as an abstract idea that has no beginning or end (a constant repetition). So, in order to achieve this, we took time out of its numeric and symbolic concept, and presented it as a repeating sound or pulse which never stops, from the moment the spectator begins the experience, to the moment he finishes.