Scenic Installation: “Antarctic”

This scenic installation takes on the task of recreating some aesthetics aspects of the Antarctic, in a space of completely different characteristics. (Vast and white space, strong winds, silence, solitude, underwater sounds, etc.)We researched various videos, photographs, listened to different sounds, read various statements, in order to arrive to our central question: How can we create that aesthetic ambiance in a space that’s smack in the middle of the city? And by doing so, generate solitude and vastness as one experience in the Antarctic? Where you’re so remote from civilization that you forget about all its daily distractions. Where time and space become a completely different experience.

In order to achieve that, we needed to gradually alter the surroundings of the spectator, (creating a journey towards the “antarctic” space). Therefore, we developed a narrative through three-layers of space, for a single spectator: 1) The city, where the spectator would wait before being guided to the installation. 2) The art gallery, where the spectator would first be an observer of the installation. 3) The actual installation, where the spectator would be a part of the installation.