Theater director and researcher (M.A.)

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Nicolás Russi has a masters degree in “Inszenierung der Künste und der Medien” from the University of Hildesheim, Germany (2020). In 2012 he graduated from the Pontifcia Universidad Católica de Chile. During his studies he founded the theater company Teatro en Paralelo (2011). Since then, his work and research both practical and theoretical has focused on the relationship between Spacetime and the Agents: light, sound and body.

Throughout various productions, working with artists from different disciplines, he has developed various interdisciplinary strategies in order to create sensorial narratives using Light, Sound and Body as the main agents. His productions so far include: Juego de Inocentes (2013), and scenic installations Eternity (2014), Nostalgia (2014), Antarctic (2015) and Cuerpo (2015). Nicolas Russi moved to Berlin in 2015, where he worked with artists from different countries and disciplines to develop the theater play Light (2017). Based on the research and result of this process he created the book “Light” (2019) a sensorial and technical notation system to be used as a means to produce subjective replicas. In 2020 Nicolás wrote his Master thesis “Raumzeit in Theater, Kino und Ausstellung” based on Einstein’s special and general relativity theory. 

Currently, he is developing a new creative process called “Gen Y”: a intermedial Performance between Videomedium and documentary Theater (supposed to premier in Berlin 2022), as well as “Sonido” a scenic exploration regarding perception and emotion linked to sounds before and after the chilean social revolt from 2019 (supposed to premier in Santiago, Chile 2022).