Director and researcher

Director and Researcher

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Degreed from “Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile” (2012), creator of the theater company: “Teatro en Paralelo” (Theater in Parallel) (2011), and currently writing his Master Theses for the Masterprogramm “Inszenierung der Künste und der Medien” Stiftung Universität Hildesheim (Germany).

As a director he has created various Theater productions such as: Los Quiltros (2011), Juego de Inocentes (2013), and Cuerpo (2015). As an actor, he has worked with various theater groups such as: La seis, La Sinfónica, Tercer Abstracto and Cía. Placer.

He is currently developing a practical/theoretical research since the year 2012, which is based on the relationship between Space/time and the scenic agents: light, music, body. While doing so, he seeks to create a narrative based on a sensitive experience, which crosses the scenic arts with various art forms. He has developed various concepts and methodologies (throughout different productions, with artists from different disciplines), regarding the sensitive perception of these agents and how they act upon space, time and Movement. Based on this research he has created various productions such as: “Light” (2017), “Eternity” (2014), “Nostalgia” (2014) among others; and the paper: “Theater as a Sensitive Experience” (2015).

Currently, as part of the research, Nicolas Russi is developing a new creative process called “Space/Time” in collaboration with the Artistic Researcher “Phillip Köhler”; and a sensorial book which explores different methods in order to create a Spatial and Temporal score of Light, Music, Body.