Work in Progress

Gen Y

Eine Immersive Inszenierung zwischen Videoinstallation und dokumentarischem Theater

Trilogy: Body, Light, Music

Light (2017)

What does one experience when one dives deeper and deeper into the darkness? A project based on the sensorial experience of Light and Space.

Body (2017)

A variety of visual and sound stimulus which will play with your perception and sensations in regard to the body’s present in the space.

Scenic Installations

“Antarctic” (2015)

Here there aren’t any trees, nor insects, nor weapons, not one single weapon, there are no families, its practically a world of lonely men.

“Nostalgia” (2015)

A woman finds herself in a country distant from her own, in a small white and empty room. It is in that space where she experiences a moment of profound nostalgia.

“Eternity” (2015)

Is a sensitive experience, which will play with your perceptions of space and time, it will blur the limits and open your imagination towards endlessness.

Other Productions

Simulacrum (2017)

A brief artistic exploration based on the perception of space/time in theater, film and photography. These three art forms intertwine in order to reveal spaces inside spaces and time frames inside timeframes.

Juego de Inocentes (2013)

A woman finds herself on the verge of suicide, when suddenly she is intervened by a policeman who is there to save her

Los Quiltros (2011)

Completely marginalized by their own social truth, they keep falling into a deeper and darker pit, where escape seems increasingly more impossible; if it ever was.